Sri Gudivada Meher Prasad

“Success is a journey, not a destination. It is not just an achievement, which is static, but an ever-ending pursuit of man“. It is possible for a few wonderful people, who engage themselves in such an ever-lasting engagement with pursuit and happiness. They dream and metamorphose themselves smoothly and silently as they move from one domain to another attaining excellent expertise and dynamic leadership. This is what personifies Sri Gudivada Meher Prasad Garu, the Chairman of Sri Vasavi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nandamuru, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. He carved his niche from his father and the founding Chairman of this institute Sri Gudivada Rama Chandra Rao Garu, a pioneer in Agro-business in Andhra Pradesh.


A philanthropist by the way he leads his life and an educationist at heart, Sri Mehar Prasad Garu always dreamt of establishing a educational institute and nurturing it into a top-class technology institute, a pride and jewel in the crown of Machilipatnam and Krishna district in specific and Andhra Pradesh at large. As his father contributed to realize his dreams by establishing the institute, and being a 21st century citizen, he diversified himself into technical education, gain more than two decades of administrative experience at various levels and transform himself into a full-fledged educationist with a human face and intellect. In his transformational years, he served as the member of various schools in Machilipatnam; secretary to a couple of social organizations and cultural organizations besides various key administrative roles at Sri Vasavi Institute of Engineering and Technology.