Physical Director:


Physical Director:


Physical Director:



Role of the Coordinator

  • Ensure all necessary tasks for day to day running of the game and sports activities of the college are carried out.
  • Chair Committee Meetings ensuring that they are run efficiently and effectively
  • Act as a signatory for the committee in all purposes.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the committee when required.
  • Represent the committee and the college in matters involving the relevant Association.
  • Submit an annual report to the committee.
  • Ensure transparency in the related activities
  • To perform any other related duty assigned by Director/ Principal of the institution.
  • Role of the Faculty Member

  • Maintain records of the Committee and ensure effective management of committee’s records.
  • Maintain the committee membership list each year.
  • Formulate and update the yearly calendar of events under the observation of co-ordinator of the committee.
  • Communicate with respective Head of the Department regarding the activities of the cell.
  • Identify the students who have leadership quality and propose their name to the coordinator as student representative.
  • Report all the related activities to the coordinator of the committee.
  • To develop awareness of sports and games and help developing sportsman spirit among the student
  • Role of the Student Member

  • To identify interested students in games and sports.
  • To help faculty members in organizing different events in Games and Sports.
  • To follow up and implement the instructions given by Co-ordinator and Faculty members of the committee.
  • To collect the data for each and every events under the guidance of the faculty member.

  • Role of the Physical Director:

  • To maintain a stock ledger of all available items and equipments related to the cell.
  • To ensure the purchase and service of any item or equipments related to the cell.
  • To maintain and upkeep the sports facilities of the college including the ground.
  • To provide First Aid facility during the sports and games activities.