Department of Communication & Soft Skils

Welcome to the Department of Communication & Soft Skills

The standard of any educational institution is generally measured by its academic excellence and the success in placements. To be able to get placed in various companies, students are required to have a good grip and proficiency in Aptitude, Reasoning, Verbal and Communication Skills.

It is to meet this vital requirement and the competitive standard and achieve this target, the Communication & Soft skills (CSS) Department was established with team of potential and professional trainers in the areas of Aptitude, Reasoning, verbal and Soft Skills.

The prime objective of the CSS department is to create premier opportunities for the SVIET students by promising jobs in reputed organizations. To accomplish this objective, the Placement Cell identifies corporates in various sectors and initiates the process of building a mutually rewarding relationship with them. The Placement Cell has been instrumental in associating itself with corporate giants to conduct various Industry Institute initiatives. Various technical and literary events are conducted to practically enhance their communicative abilities and to equip them also with a holistic potential which will help them to face emerging challenges in the context of globalization. Over the time it has proved itself most successful with outstanding success in the ascendance of success in placements.

It is the Department of CSS with its Campus Recruitment Training Program (CRTP) that proclaims the academic and professional uniqueness of our institution. The department's vision is to create prodigies by equipping them with outstanding competitive potential. It trains the aspirants with multi-focused areas of knowledge which empower them to target the premier multinational companies.

It follows stringent procedure where the student can best imbibe the applicative methodology in the areas of Soft skills Technical, Verbal, Aptitude & Reasoning Skills. Apart from the formal structure of the course which covers the updated pattern of the examination and selection process of the leading companies, every student is trained with the practical concepts of soft skills and personality development and English language.

The student is rigorously trained to be independent and non-imitative in his constructive and objective-oriented thinking. He/she is guided with the instant sensibility of the areas of knowledge not only related to the Multi National Companies (MNCs) but also to the competition at the global standards. In the course of his participation in both the theoretical and practical learning the student will be shaped to fit and face the advanced level of learning.

The efforts of the department's committed and industrious team have succeeded in bringing out the ideal champions who have really set ablaze more successors as a fruitful consequence. With CRTP course, the department of CSS has certainly added many feathers in the cap of our esteemed and prosperous institution. It is proud of having a prestigious record of many triumphant stories. The humble beginning of the course has become a source of inspiration even to the faculty of the other departments and even other colleges apart from the students of this course.

Comparatively the CSS has set itself a model by making a striking difference among many other renowned colleges. Besides this account, it never slows down its pace in exploring the upgrades of competitive learning for the welfare of the student expertise to put him into the mainstream of the progress in advancement.

To enable the student with more acquaintance practice and higher level of knowledge, the CRTP course has initiated to offer this course from earlier stage of second year B.Tech itself along with regular academics, so that the student will be well versed with the concepts and relevant practice pertaining to the aspects required for placements. Particularly in the second year of the B.Tech the student will be laid with strong foundation of all the fundamental concepts. So to the credit of SVIET, the department of CSS has stood a model for many other colleges in its exceptional methodology.

Another important contribution of the CRTP is, it organizes a pre-placement training where the students will certainly overcome all their difficulties and will be ready with ample self confidence.

1. Mr. D Adithya Kumar HOD & Associate Professor
2. Dr. A. V. Raghuram Associate Professor
3. Mr. R Jithin Kumar Assistant Professor
4. Mr.K.Ravi Kumar Junior Assistant

Training Modules::

To meet the training needs of the students of this rural engineering colege, the folowing training schedule is planned and followed:

II B.Tech Soft Skills-I 32 64
Soft Skills-II 32
III B.Tech Technical Skills I 32 128
Verbal Communication I 32
Aptitude & Reasoning I 32
Verbal Communication II 32
IV B.Tech Verbal Communication III 32 96
Aptitude & Reasoning II 32
Technical Skills II 32
Capacity Enhancement Schemes