Since the inception of the college SVIET management has provided good transport faculty in and around the neighboring towns and villages viz., MACHILIPATNAM, GUDIWADA, AVINIGADDA, VUYYURU, KIKALURU, and BANTUMILLI etc. Management provided bus facility to the faculty member for free of cost. The Transport Division is taken care by faculty INCHARGE and one supervisor is deployed to look the regular duties and to monitor the bus drivers & cleaners


1. To supervise take steps for the maintenance of buses
2.To monitor the bus drivers and cleaners
3.To maintain spare buses in case of off road of any bus
4.To put on roll spare drivers to use services in place of drivers on leave.
5.To see that the drivers will report daily about the fitness of the bus in the given format
6.To verify the driving license of drivers about their validity.
7.To verify the insurance and pollution certificates.
8.To keep the vehicles ready for fitness certificate, whenever RTO gives the time To maintain properly the parking place
9.To provide rest room for the drivers
10.To maintain log book for each bus


1. No. of buses: 25
2.Availability of required number of buses including 02 Spare buses
3.Availability of required number of drivers including 02 spare drivers and cleaners
4.Proper parking place
5.Required registers and documents
6.Mechanics to attend for the repair works
7.Rest room for drivers
8.Room for spare tyres and tubes.
9.Required tools and equipment, First Aid Box with material in each bus.
11.Bus Supervisor for monitoring drivers and cleaners
12.Attendance registers for drivers and cleaners
13. Attendance registers for drivers and cleaners uniforms for the drivers and cleaners.


Committee consists of 01 Coordinator & 08 Members
1.Dr A.V.Raghuram Faculty i/c Admin - Coordinator
2. Sri B.Bala subrahmanyam Asst Prof Civil - Member
3. Sri P.Srikanth Asst prof of EEE - Member
4. Sri K. Sai Sudheer Asst Prof of ECE - Member
5. Sri P. Ashok kumar Asst Pro of CSE - Member
6. Sri P.Rambabu Asst Prof S&H - Member
7. Mr.T.Sreeramulu Transport Supervisor - Member


A. Coordinator
1. To coordinate all the activities of the transport department
2. To guide and to assist the supervisor
3. To sanction leaves of the drivers and cleaners on the recommendation of the supervisor
4. To pass the instructions to the drivers and cleaners through supervisor
5. To conduct the meeting to know the problems of drivers and cleaners and to solve them
6. To inform / recommended the management on different issues of the drivers and cleaners and to solve them
B. Faculty Members
1. To monitor the students travelling in the college buses
2. To verify the bus passes issued to the students
3. To verify the payment of transport fee to the college by the students
4. To get the information from the faculty-incharge of the buses about the discipline of the students in the bus
C. Student Member
1. To inform the bus supervisor about the problems in the bus
2. To maintain discipline in the bus
3. To see that Not to cause any damage to the bus
4. To keep the bus clean/Hygiene
D. Transport Supervisor
1. To interact with the students
2. To forward and to recommend the casual leave letter of the drivers, cleaners to the faculty incharge
3. To verify the bus maintenance register daily
4. To verify the log book daily
5. To verify the fuel etc in the buses
6. To give instructions to the drivers and cleaners