Functions Of Cell

To Maintain Names, Address and Phone number of all Press and Electronic Media Representatives

To Maintain Good relation With Press and Electronic Media Representatives

To serve invitations of the college for the programmes organized in the institute

To send press notes with photographs to the press and electronic media representatives of the events conducted in
  the campus.

To recomend the management for advertisements in the news papers and sponsor local programs

To recommend the management to install hoardings at important locations.


Media Room for Press Meet

LCD Projectors

Audio System

Management Of The Cell

Cell Committee is consists of 01 Coordinator & 09 Members

1. Sri P.Meher Kumar Faculty i/c of Admin - Coordinator

2. Sri K N V K Hanuma Asst.Prof of Civil - Member

3. Sri B.D.Satya Prasad Asst.Prof of EEE - Member

4. Sri K.Surendra Asst.Prof of ECE - Member

5. Sri Md.Ahmed Asst.Prof of CSE - Member

6. Sri.U E Krishna Nandu Asst. Prof of S&H - Member

7. Sri V.Vijaya Bhaskar Assoc.Prof of Mech - Member

8. Mr.T.Bhargav Narendra Student, 16-327 - Member

9. Mr.M.Mani Prasad Student, 18-212(L) - Member

10. Mr.P.N.Sai Tarun Student, 17-4A0 - Member


a. Coordinator:

1)To Coordinate the activities of the cell

2)To arrange meeting of the cell to make a note of the requirements and to take decisions

3)To send the suggestions to the college managements to impress on the decisions taken in the meeting of the cell through Head of the Institute.

4)To give the details to the concern for updating the information in the college website

b. Faculty members

1)To attend the meeting of the cell

2)To collect the information from students and public to discuss and to take decisions in the meeting

c. Student members

1)To attend the meeting of the cell

2)To inform the faculty members about their views for development.