The administrators of the college are conscious of the need for medical help in times of emergency. M.I. Room is set up with a doctor to attend to the staff and students for minor health problems. In case of emergency first aid will be provided and will be referred to the nearby private hospital immediately moreover, there are many multi specialty hospitals situated of 8 kms distance. Emergency Ambulance facility is available all the 24 hours in the town which can reach the campus within 5 minutes. College has tie-up with Ambulance services in Pedana for emergency services. Omni van with driver is available for medical support to the students in the campus and inmates in the hostel.

To supervise the maintenance of M.I. room

To Monitor the staff of the M.I room

To see the availability of medicines required for first Aid


Availability of M.I. room

Availability of Doctor & Nursing Assistant

Availability of medicines

Availability of wheel chair and stretcher

Availability of Omni van with driver.


Cell consists of 01 Coordinator and 09 members

1. Sri P.Mehar Kumar   Faculty i/c of Admin - Coordinator

2. Sri M.Bala Krishna  Asst. Prof of Civil - Member

3. Sri P.Rajesh Babu   Asst. Prof of EEE - Member

4. Ms.G.D.Vijaya Lakshmi   Asst Prof of CSE - Member

5. Mrs.Ch.Anusha   Asst Prof of Mech - Member

6. Mrs.J.Jaya Lakshmi   Asst Prof of ECE - Member

7. Mrs.B.R. Nagavalli   Asst Prof of S&H - Member

8. Ms.T.N.V.Tejaswi   Student, 17-545 - Member

9. Mr.P.Jaya Ram   Student, 16-490 - Member

10. Mr.Y.G.Gune Sekhar   Student, 18-116(L) - Member