Minutes of the Meeting:

Minutes of the meeting content:

  • Date: 22.06.2019
  • Time: 3.00 PM
  • Venue: Central Library
  • Welcoming the members by chairman(coordinator)
  • Agenda in detail:

  • => Review of the previous meeting => Discussion on Library facilities and Utilization => Discussion on Disciplinary Action => Introducing the new Asst.Librarian => Any other point with the permission of the chair(5)

    Members Present

    1 Sri Jyothilal Nayak.BHOD of EEE Coordinator
    2 Sri P.Venkateswara Rao LibrarianMember
    3 Sk.Hidayatullah, Asst.Prof of S & HMember
    4 K.Ravi Asst.Prof of Mech Member
    5 M.Krishna Kumari, Asst.Prof of CSE Member
    6 K.Surendra Asst.Prof of ECE Member
    7 P.Srikanth Asst.Prof of EEE Member
    8 J.Renuka Asst.Prof of Civil Member
    9 Bonthu. Girish. II. Civil Student Member
    10Mallarapu. Lokesh II. Civil Student Member
    11Jogi Manikyam III. Civil Student Member
    12 Pere Mounika III. CivilStudent Member
    13 Pamu Sandeep Paul IV. CivilStudent Member
    14 Bethala Aswini IV. Civil Student Member
    15Qhamarjahan II.EEE Student Member
    16 J.P.V.H.S.S.Lingesh II.EEE Student Member
    17 Mylavarapu. Lohitha III.EEE Student Member
    18 Mukku.Venkanna Babu III.EEE Student Member
    19 Jannu. Guna Sekhar IV.EEE Student Member
    20 Gudiseva. Mounika Sai IV.EEE Student Member
    21 O.V.Ram Prasad II.Mec Student Member
    22 Y.Jyothik II.Mec Student Member
    23 J.Sai Kumar III.Mec Student Member
    24 V.Satish, III.Mec Student Member
    25 A.Bhaskar Kali IV.Mec Student Member
    26 K.Prem Kumar IV.Mec Student Member
    27 V.Prasanthi IV.ECE Student Member
    28 YT.Subramanyeswara Rao, IV.ECE Student Member
    29 Ch.Vijaya Kusuma IV.ECE Student Member
    30 D.Divya Madhuri IV.ECE Student Member
    31 K.Kavya III.ECE Student Member
    32 K.Sri Ram III.ECE Student Member
    33 K.Arun III.ECE Student Member
    34 K.Manoj III.ECE Student Member
    35 S.Sumanth, II.ECE Student Member
    36 A.Sai Tarun II.ECE Student Member
    37 R.Ramu II.ECE Student Member
    38 M.V.V.E.Rishitha II.ECE Student Member
    39 G.Jagadish IV.CSE Student Member
    40 V.Uma Devi IV.CSE Student Member
    41 M.Durga Srilatha IV.CSE Student Member
    42 Sainadh Reddy IV.CSE Student Member
    43 T.Tejeswani Reddy III.CSE Student Member
    44 Ch.Vijay Babu III.CSE Student Member
    45 D.Karthikeyan III.CSE Student Member
    46 S.Swaroopa III.CSE Student Member
    47 Uzma, II.CSE Student Member
    48 G.Chandra Gupta II.CSE Student Member
    49 J.Prathyusha II.CSE Student Member
    50 K.Harsha Vamsi II.CSE Student Member


    1 The meeting started with a review of the Previous meeting (i.e. Library time table and itís effective work, regarding purchase of books, journals etc and also discussion on improvement of library utilization
    2 Discussion on Library facilities and Utilization. The Librarian given brief introduction about the library facilities i.e. books, journals, e-resources and memberships.
    3 The Librarian reported some of the students are deviating from the rules and regulations of library such as delay in return of books, dress etiquette etc. proper action is taken care against them. Some of the students are not registering in the gate register in spite of reminders.
    4 .Ms. B.Lakshmi Tirupathamma has appointed as an Asst.Librarian.